Price: R 50.00
Now here's one that sounds very technical, but its really simple. You can host only your e-mail with us for a nominal fee. If you have a tight budget, or you are just starting out as a company and you don't need a web site yet this option is for you.

POP E-Mail hostingWith this option you get:

  • Domain name registration for a year - "" - Other domain options available
  • E-mail facilities - "
  • Free Web-Based E-Mail for your E-Mail accounts - "
  • Aliasses, Auto Responders, Mail Groups and Mailing Lists 
  • At least 10 MB Free Web Space 
  • Daily backups of your 10 MB Web Site - More intermittent backups are also available at an extra cost
  • Search Engine Optimization for ALL your pages
  • 24 hour, 7 day a week support including religious and public holidays
  • Free consultation on any IT-related subject
  • 100 Megabytes
    • Setup: ZAR 200.00
    • Monthly Fee: ZAR 50.00 
    • Transfer existing domain: FREE 
  • 100 to 500 Megabytes   
    • Setup: ZAR 400 
    • Monthly Fee: ZAR 100 
    • Transfer from existing platform: FREE 
  • Your Own E-Mail Server 
    • Setup: ZAR 8000.00 
    • Monthly Fee: ZAR 6500
    • Transfer from existing platform: FREE 
    • Price of Rack-Mountable Hardware is EXCLUDED 
    • All Technical Administration tasks are handled by
POP/ E-Mail E-Mail Hosting