The new standard in Afrikaans music on the internet has arrived. Gone are the days of snot-nosed kids in record stores telling you they don't know who DDisselblom or Fredi Nest is!

Now you can shop online for proper Afrikaans music at the best prices. Have a look at and let us know what you think! The site is growing rapidly and has just started up, so you can expect these guys to expand their product offering significantly in the new year.

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The site was built using IGotAfrica's CMS and Shopping Cart systems. This custom-built solution caters for the Afrikaans music lover of any age and internet experience level. Great care was taken to avoid a complicated purchase process. The prices are good and the products are not readily available since many main-stream retailers have decided to move away from large selections of artists and albums on their shelves.

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BlitzCD online CD shop goes live